AirWay phones are repairable

This means that if your handset is damaged years down the road it can be repaired. There is less waste to the environment and will save you money over having to purchase a new phone.

AirWay phones are made from high quality materials and components

This means that they will have a lower failure rate then cheaper components. This prevents potentially harmful metals and chemicals from ending up in our landfills.

Low power consumption

Phone systems are a requirement for most offices. Most people do not realize their true operating costs to the environment and financially. Phone systems in offices typically stay on 24 for hours a day, 365 days of the year. Typical 4 line 16 handset phone systems use over 200 Watts all year long. Our AirWay 516 cordless phone system supports 4 lines and 16 handsets and uses 7.2 Watts for the controller and only 2.5 Watts for each handset. Powering a small light bulb uses more energy then powering the AirWay cordless phone system.

AirWay phones are made in the USA

In the North America there are high standards for pollution while manufacturing goods. We strictly follow those pollution laws to help protect the environment. We do not manufacture overseas where the labor is cheaper and the pollution laws are more lax. Not only does manufacturing the USA save our environment it also increases the overall quality of the product and keeps the jobs in the USA.


Reliable and Proven

Other cordless phone systems change their hardware every year or every couple of years. Our customers do not want to be forced to replace their system every few years. Our phone system is built on a platform that has been in use since 1999. We constructed a platform that was upgrade-able and expandable. We are constantly upgrading both our hardware and our software but always allow everything to be reverse compatible with our products produced in the past. What this means is a handset produced today will work with a system purchased 8 years ago. Also the 8 year old system can be upgraded to the new software and features of the new systems. Replacement units are always available as well as repair service for old units. The longer a phone system serves a company the more money the company saves and the less waste they produce.