Cell Phone Docking

The Cell Phone Docking Station allows you to use the AirWay phone system to make and receive your cell phone calls. Effectively turns your wireless cell phone into an additional phone line for your home or office. The Cell Phone Docking Station can be used in your home, office, weekend home, boat, RV or any other location where cell service is available. 


  • Can pair with a Bluetooth Enabled cell phone for immediate connection.
  • Make and receive cell phone calls using with the AirWay Phone System.
  • Get better reception by docking your cell phone in your "hot spot" for strongest signal and talk anywhere in your home or office.
  • Universal design supports a number of handsets with currently over 1800 cell phone models supported including some of the most popular phones.
  • Use local number portability to move your land line number to a cell phone and keep using your land line phones.
  • Have the convenience and audio quality of a full-sized handset for extended calls.
  • Use the free unlimited nights, weekends and mobile to mobile calling plans to their fullest while fully utilizing unused peak minutes.
  • Sends Caller ID to AirWay Phones.
  • Switch an active call seamlessly from cell phone to the AirWay Phones.
  • Eliminates cell phone radiation for extended conversations or extensive calling.


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