Answering Module

The Handset is the star of the system. Each Handset allows you to access up to four phone lines. So no matter where you are in a home or office every phone line is available to you, without regard to which phone is plugged in to which outlet. Plus, each Handset contains a large screen LCD, which is menu driven, so using the special features is easy, with no codes to memorize. 

Easy Installation

Connects easily to the AirWay 308 or 516 Controller. 

Every Handset comes with:

  • Servicing of all incoming lines connected to the Controller (unless restricted in Setup)
  • Message indicator
  • Ability to transfer to the answering module while on a phone call
  • LCD display
  • New call counter
  • 40 minutes of recording time
  • Time/Date Stamp
  • memo recording/two-way recording
  • digital volume control (up/down)
  • full remote operation
  • memory battery back-up 


Phone Jack