Music on Hold

Wouldn't it be nice to let the customer know more about your company while they are waiting on hold, or perhaps let them listen to music while they are waiting for you to come back to the phone. Now you can with the new AirWay Music On Hold system. This highly advanced system allows you to place a caller on hold and have them listen to a pre-recorded announcement, a radio, tape player, CD player, or even an MP3 player. 

Easy Installation

Connects easily to the AirWay 308 or 516 Controller.

Easy to Use

Takes less then 2 seconds to place a caller on hold

Enhances your company image

Makes your company sound larger and more professional. 


  • Superior sound quality with any external audio source.
  • Accepts virtually any audio source such as: digital player, radio, CD player, PC sound card , etc.
  • Provides audio test button and call test functions.
  • Provides full LED indications of lines in use (solid ON) or lines on HOLD (blinking)
  • Provides customized configuration settings via a 2 simple 3 position slide switch
  • Attractive design enclosure with full wall mounting capability
  • Manufactured in USA 


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