The AirWay system gives small offices the features and benefits usually associated only with big business. From business phones to voice mail and auto attendant, the AirWay system can do it all wireless.

Wireless freedom, flexibility and mobility

The AirWay product line allows small businesses and home offices the wireless freedom they need to get their job done. Wireless Handsets give users key system features with the benefit of wireless, they no longer need to be chained to their desks while awaiting an important call.

Because it is wireless, the system is very easy to install and maintain. There is no need to punch holes in walls or to string cable and wires. The system is also portable, so if you move out of your current space you just pack the system up, and your investment is never left behind.

Voice - key system features

The AirWay system makes key system functionality affordable for the small business. Now an employee can access up to four incoming/outgoing telephone lines on any wireless Handset. Each Handset comes with a large screen LCD making Caller ID (available on every line) very easy to read. Interactive menus help users find the specific feature they are looking for. The Handset supports call transfer, call conference, call rollover and call privacy, to name a few.

Advanced Voice Mail

The advanced voice mail system comes with features like Voice mail, Auto Attendants, sophisticated call management and innovative Remote Extensions that connect cellular phones to your local phone system. Built with an upgrade able, modular architecture, the voice mail expands to grow with your company without the need for costly technical help and complex documentation.